The Man, the Legend: Newt Scamander

My blog is literally called Scamander’s Suitcase, and I have yet to actually post something solely about the legend himself, Newton Artemis Fido “Newt” Scamander. That’s like a zebra without stripes! This post is a bit of an analysis, but we at Scamander’s Suitcase aren’t weird (haha, what…) so we won’t call it that. Anyway, most of this will actually be my own theories about him with what he know. If I’m lucky, I hit gold and this post is actually 100% accurate.

Who is Newt Scamander really?

We already have an idea of what he looks like from the movie, but his looks aren’t everything there’s also his personality (which girls also seem to love). Now we could be basic and just base his personality entirely off of the movie, but I’m not like that, I have class. We’re also going to examine his wand. His wand gives us a good understanding of the witch or wizard in question in a nonintrusive manner.
There isn’t much on Newt’s wand but I was able to get this much: an Ash and Lime wand with belemnite (internal skeleton of an ancient squid) and shell. In this case, the wizard (technically actor) chose the wand. Assuming that Newt and the wand are a perfect match we can get a good amount of information from this wand. According to Pottermore on Ash wands, Newt is extremely stubborn (“not… lightly swayed from their beliefs or purposes”), but are never “crass or arrogant”. Lime makes it more difficult as the only entry on Pottermore concerning Lime is about Silver Lime, but Newt is neither a Seer or Legilimens (nor shows any potential for either). Research was made and I have come to the conclusion that Lime means deep affection or love, meaning he shows a lot of it (he’s already taken though and over 100 years old by now). If the lime is not enough to prove his enormous capacity of love the shell embedded into his wand is the belemnite I feel just emphasizes his love for fantastic beasts. Based on the movie we can get a better understanding of his personality. A humble, shy Hufflepuff who is a bit eccentric. More comfortable with creatures than people, he always was respectful and courteous to both.

Hufflepuff isn’t the meme house, the wizards of Hufflepuff are actually quite talented (HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE), Newt included. He is quite an accomplished duellist, holding his own against the most dangerous wizard of his time, Gellert Grindelwald . Quite skilled at Charms and Transfigurations (have you seen his suitcase?) and Potions (the practical uses of his creatures) he excelled as a student at Hogwarts prior to his expulsion. Now his skill with creatures is second-to-none, his ability to communicate (and sometimes control) his creatures is quite outstanding. He is able to interact with even the most dangerous of creatures, even the Ukranian Ironbelly during WW1, who tried to eat all of his group but him (the program was canceled for this reason).

The Luggage, The Legend Itself: The Suitcase

I can’t imagine why so many people would come onto my blog expecting to find information about Newt’s suitcase, but they do, usually its just pictures. It is a very handsome suitcase though, some may argue more so than the man who carries it. There really isn’t much to be said about it except that it’s nearly always with Newt. Enchanted with a very powerful Undetectable -Extension Charm, it holds a number of different habitats for its inhabitants. The habitats were most likely created and designed by Newt himself to suit the creatures’ needs. The amount of magic required to do that is unimaginable, and possessing it means you are pretty unique (100% Newt)

That about rounds it off for today, like/comment/subscribe your choice since I can’t force you to do any of them. Thanks for sticking to the end.

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