The Battle of Hogwarts: Proving and Disproving Theories

Hogwarts_PM_B7C36M1_BigBattleAtHogwarts_Moment.jpg19 years ago and four days, the historic Battle of Hogwarts occurred in the Harry Potter Universe, the day in which the reign of Voldemort came to an end. One of the best battles in literature, it brought together our favorites of the Harry Potter Universe together in a single battle to decide the fate of the Wizarding World. So for most of May the Battle of Hogwarts will be all that we discuss. This week we’ll be going over theories from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. FYI there are SPOILERS ahead, now you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Harry the Horcrux: The Real Reason Behind the Dursleys Nastiness


This is one of the most popular theories to circle around the web, making fans wonder if the Dursleys could’ve really been all that bad. During the Battle of Hogwarts we find out that Harry is a Horcrux, and has been that way since Voldemort tried to kill him on Halloween sixteen years ago. Horcruxes are known to negatively affect those around them, it increases as time goes on which is the reasoning behind the theory.
Does this mean the Dursleys are only cruel because Harry is a Horcrux who has been ruining their lives with dark magic? The Dark magic from the Horcrux works fairly quickly, needing less than a day to taint the thoughts of the possessor. All the Gryffindors would have been complete jerks if that was the case, and the teachers as well. The Dursleys were mean long before Harry arrived, even baby Dudley was cruel. We know this because of Professor McGonagall and her little espionage mission to inspect the Dursleys before Harry’s arrival. She didn’t think too highly of their manners and strongly urged for Dumbledore to put Harry in a more loving environment.

 The Golden Trio Had Luck on their side at the Battle of Hogwarts

This theory was made by one of my favorite Youtubers, Seamus Gorman, and it’s a pretty solid theory. If you want to see his video it’s above, otherwise just stick around for a shorter explanation. Felix Felicis is one of the trickiest potions to brew in the world, but when done correctly promises the drinker good luck. So here’s my take on Seamus’s theory:

  1. Aberforth Dumbledore spiked their drinks with Liquid Luck, originally to get them out of Hogsmeade safely
  2. The Golden Trio didn’t know but were able to achieve their goals due to its effect, some examples are:
    • Harry convincing the Gray Lady to tell him the location of Ravenclaw’s Diadem, something that only the smooth-talking Tom Riddle was able to achieve
    • Harry approaching Snape as he was dying, the book literally said “He did not know.”, Liquid Luck is known for forcing the drinker to do stuff they normally would not due. In this case collecting important memories and granting Snape his dying wish
      • Then taking the memories of the man he hated most and wasting time to actually view those memories
  3. Voldemort sent Narcissa Malfoy to check if Harry was dead, who lied to him in return for finding out information on her son’s safety from Harry
  4. Ron speaking Parseltongue, then followed by Hermione destroying a Horcrux which is typically equipped with defense mechanisms
    • Also winning the other over (#ROMIONE)

The Golden Trio Chose Gryffindor


This is obviously because Gryffindor is the best house (jk it’s a four-way tie). Anywho, each of the Golden Trio represents each of the other houses fairly accurately. Hermione and Ravenclaw, Ron and Hufflepuff, and Harry and Slytherin. Together they bring together the best aspects of each house, making them remarkably powerful. This combination is very rare due to house rivalries, but because they chose Gryffindor there are no rivalries. They each show every quality of their respective house but they chose Gryffindor for various reasons. Ron because of his family, Harry because of Ron, and Hermione because she truly valued bravery for than intelligence.

Well that’s about it, this is kinda weird because I just did a post yesterday but I had some time so I thought why not. Same as yesterday like/comment if you liked it, subscribe if you’d marry it. Thanks!


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