Return of the Fifth (A late May the Fourth be With You)!

Well, it’s Star Wars Day (part 2) and we’re still a Harry Potter blog, a bit a dilemma especially since I love Star Wars. In the end, I was able to come up with this post, which is more Star Wars than the Wizarding World but I figured you guys wouldn’ t have too much of a problem. So I’m proud to present the parallels in the biggest pop culture franchises.

1. Lack of Faith

17bea107ca0a2b20118d47b164288458_lack-of-faith-disturbing-meme-memesuper-vader-lack-of-faith-meme_490-312.jpegBoth Star Wars and Harry Potter had to overcome a number of doubters, that it would seem impossible for them to ever become a hit. Steven Spielberg was the only person who had complete confidence in Star Wars: A New Hope. Bloomsbury and J.K. Rowling were among Harry Potter’s only fans at the beginning. Star Wars: A New Hope was predicted to be such a flop that the director himself, George Lucas, skipped the premiere and went on vacation in Hawaii. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was rejected by 7 different publishing companies before Bloomsbury gave it a chance. The moral of the story? Don’t give up.


2. Hero’s Sanity is Questionable at Best…

In both franchises, the hero’s kind is regarded as strange or peculiar, anything but normal. Their powers are typically the cause for this perception. Wizards and witches were often persecuted by Muggles because of their wickedness. Jedi had it much easier, everyone just believed they worshiped some crazy religion, before the end of the Republic, however, they were quite well-respected. Sanity had nothing to do with their powers, instead, their powers were a gift bestowed upon them. Both requiring them to go train away from those considered “normal”.

3. The Golden Trio

The Golden Trio, to whom their universe/world is forever indebted to. They are pretty much the same people, just different worlds (and age). Watch:

The Hero (Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker): A bit new to the saving the world business but eventually gets the hang of it

The Reliable Best Friend (Ron Weasley and Han Solo): Will seem unreliable, but he will be loyal to the very end

The Intelligent Female Best Friend: Her brains have saved their lives on more than one occasion. Temper is usually set off by the Reliable Best Friend, who just so happens to hold a very special place in her heart (even though they are an independent woman who’d be perfectly fine without them).

4. Mysterious Power/Energy

Obi-Wan Kenobi - I Loved You

In both Harry Potter and Star Wars there is a mysterious power/energy which the hero must master in order to bring peace to their respective universe. Both are considered the most powerful energy in their respective world, and actually mastering it is quite difficult. Love, in Harry Potter, may seem easily achieved and mastered but the acceptance that this is powerful makes it so difficult. It’s even worse for Harry who has never received any real love until he met Hagrid (If you want more on love click here). Luke, on the other hand, has to master a mysterious energy which binds everything together, which would be a lot easier if he could’ve trained at a Jedi Temple and started when he was much younger. Had most of the Jedi not been massacred by the Empire he could’ve received proper training, instead, he has to learn from teachers who die shortly after he meets them.


The littles! I don’t know any other way to group them but I just had to! Ewoks and House Elves are so amazing and are often underestimated for one reason or another. They are very capable on their own have each helped turn the tide of the most important battle of their respective worlds (technically moon for the Ewoks). Ewoks and House Elves are definitely one of the best (not so similar) similarity on this list.

Anywho that’s about it for the Revenge of the Fifth, I’m really sad that I wasn’t able to do this on May the Fourth (be with you). Happy Cinco de Mayo for any of you who celebrate that! Like/comment if you liked it and subscribe if you loved it (cuz I’m fairly short on followers 😜)!


6 thoughts on “Return of the Fifth (A late May the Fourth be With You)!

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  2. Love this post! This is the first one I’ve seen for May the Fourth be With You; you did a nice job with it! It’s really cool how you compared the similarities between Star Wars and Harry Potter. My friend started a blog called and I’m not sure if she follows you but I will definitely let her know about your blog when I see her this afternoon! I’m in that group of friends where pretty much everyone is a Harry Potter expertise/fan/obsesser (honestly the list could go on and on 😂). So long story short, she would love your blog! Ironically I had to write a Spanish composition on Cinco de Mayo, and let’s just say I can not write a decent essay in a foreign language without some type of translated, say google? Haha.

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