Why Harry Potter is Better than Percy Jackon (5/7)

We all have that friend who thinks Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter, I do too. If you don’t know, a friend of mine has a rival blog, Heroes of Olympus. She believes that Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter, here is a link to her post: 10 Reasons Why Percy Jackson is Better Than Harry Potter. To retaliate I have come up with not one, but an entire set of posts regarding this rivalry.

We are pretty close to finishing up our 7 reasons, so I’m paying tribute to the intelligent female best friend. Hermione Granger versus Annabeth Chase. Muggleborn versus Demigod. Both have used their intelligence to their advantage, getting their friends out of trouble numerous times making both a very valuable asset to any team. Not to mention each’s love interest to a member of their Golden Trio.

As usual, we begin with the rival, this time Annabeth Chase. Daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom and war, it is only natural that she should inherit those traits. A master of a number of different Greek weapons, she is a very deadly opponent, close or long range. With her quick thinking, her battle plans are second-to-none compared to that of other demigods. Being a blonde (and a girl), she finds it rather hard to be taken seriously by strangers, although she has used it to her advantage a few times. Her only known weakness is her deadly pride, better known as arrogance/hubris.

Now the contender, Hermione Granger. A muggleborn, with no distinct ancestry, the name she has made for herself in the Wizarding World is of all her own doing. Even then, Hermione doesn’t get all the recognition she deserves. At the start of Hogwarts hoping to impress with her intelligence to get some friends, she came off as a know-it-all having a good amount of animosity directed at her because of her talent. This later changed on the Halloween of her first year, when she gained her two best friends, Harry and Ron. With her friends, she couldn’t care less about popularity knowing she had two friends to support her. Now her talent really shown through as she became a true Gryffindor, brave and chivalrous. An advocate for the fair treatment of all magical creatures, she was able to cause quite a stir everywhere she went. It seems that I have forgotten to mention that her talent was earned, not bred as Annabeth’s was. Every ounce of intelligence and talent in her blood is all her own, earned through hard work. Her loyalty is always being put to the chest, but her loyalties have never once wavered.

Let’s talk about their love lives a bit, this being the first time I can do this. Annabeth loved both Percy Jackson and Luke Castellan, she preferred Luke for the first two books, and Percy for the last two (in the third book it is not clear). Hermione loved Ron Weasley since the first book, not that she would have ever admitted it, her feelings do come into light in the final two books though. Now, Hermione, she’s the loyal one going out with Ron’s hero, an international celebrity and heartthrob (from what I understand), Viktor Krum, just to make Ron jealous. Annabeth, on the other hand, took forever in choosing the one she loved, even though Percabeth fans made it quite clear. This, however, is mostly arbitrary, I just wanted to bring up their love life. They are perfectly capable women, who really don’t need a man. This does, however, show, the loyalty they have.

Now onto the physical duel, dun dun dunnnn! Annabeth, ever the strategist, would start by stalling for time trying to find her opponent’s weakness. Hermione, won’t have any of it, instead, becoming infuriated that someone would insult her like this. This insult to her intelligence will fill her with anger and resolve making her magic even more powerful because of her wand’s properties. With her immense knowledge of magic, she would’ve been able to disarm and neutralize her opponent in a matter of seconds. Annabeth’s experience with gods is no match for the most powerful witch of her age.


That just about concludes this post, if you liked it show your appreciation! If not, tell me why! Thanks for sticking to the end and have a good week!

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