Top 7 Items of Power and a Walk-through on Taking Over the Wizarding World

Last week we were wasting time explaining why Harry Potter is better than Percy Jackson, I mean by now this is a fact, so this time we’ll focus on something important, the Wizarding World. To be more specific, items of power which are rather hard to find in the Wizarding World, meaning if you hold all 7 of these you’re pretty powerful. Some of them are available to Muggles, but the rest you can only dream of.

The Invisibility Cloak


A good Invisibility Cloak is hard enough to find on its own, not to mention that they cost a fortune. The cloak that you want however, once belonged to the youngest Peverall brother, a cloak which resists most magic as demonstrated in the last book. This cloak was a gift from Death itself making its value shoot through the roof. The magic of the cloak does not fade as others do making it the perfect item to use for stealth.



In the Wizarding World with magic everywhere, logic is not too high in demand. Math is optional at Hogwarts so being able to do that makes you quite intelligent in the Wizarding World. One of Hermione’s best traits, this has saved the Golden Trio’s lives on more than one occasion, should they care to listen to her advice. Holding something that not many have makes you a very important person.

Sword of Godric Gryffindor


Once belonging to one of the four founders of Hogwarts, this sword is goblin-made ensuring its magnificent quality. Has the power to break through many enchantments, this sword has the power to destroy Horcruxes, which are among the most defended items in the world. It can be drawn from the Sorting Hat by only a true Gryffindor, making it hard to get for those of lesser houses (jk, the other houses are pretty cool too).

Time Turner


This is by far one of the most deadly items on the list, with the power to completely alter time. Used by Hermione to of all things, take more classes. A noble cause but just barely grazing its potential, especially when time is a very delicate thing. Playing around with time is very dangerous but when done correctly could make you very powerful.

The Elder Wand


The most powerful wand of all time and the only to be made from a tail hair from a Thestral, this wand when paired with its owner is capable of very powerful magic. Being the owner of the wand almost guarantees that you will win every duel, making it a much sought out artifact. The history of its ownership is very bloody because of this, Antioch Peverall learned this the hard way. Due to wands tricky nature, it is near impossible to track it down, all that can be said is that being the owner of it is like wearing a target on your back.

Ravenclaw’s Diadem


The Diadem of Ravenclaw is said to increase the wisdom of the wearer, making it a highly sought after artifact by students. Wearing this artifact will allow you to use the rest of the items to their fullest potential, ensuring your heightened power. Alas, it was destroyed in the final book of Harry Potter, because it had been defiled by Dark Magic thanks to Tom Riddle, a Horcrux. Should it not have suffered such a terrible fate the Diadem would most likely be on display at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.



This here is the most powerful item on this list, an item which spans across many book series and the real world. Harry is alive because of it, Hogwarts had an army because of it. When someone fights for something, they are more powerful than one who is fighting against something. One’s fierce loyalty for something or someone comes from love, and if anyone tell you otherwise they are wrong.

If you made it this far I guess you still want to know how to take over the world. With enough comments, likes or subscribes we’ll see.


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