Why Harry Potter is Better than Percy Jackson (4/7)

We all have that friend who thinks Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter, I do too. If you don’t know, a friend of mine has a rival blog, Heroes of Olympus. She believes that Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter, here is a link to her post: 10 Reasons Why Percy Jackson is Better Than Harry Potter. To retaliate I have come up with not one, but an entire set of posts regarding this rivalry.

This week we’ll be covering our heroes’ mentors, not only their value but who’d win in a fight. Both heroes had many people guide them so we’ll be focusing on the main one: Albus Dumbledore (H.P.) and Chiron (P.J.).

Let’s begin with Chiron, who admittedly is pretty awesome, the son of a Titan who has been training more heroes than you can count. Born to the King Titan you’d be surprised he wasn’t a bad egg, instead you got a centaur who prefers teaching to getting drunk like the rest of his brethren. Chiron does not give as much advice to Percy as he’d like but this is because his hands are tied (the Olympians fault). He isn’t quite needed as Percy has family who he could turn to, but since there isn’t much guidance they don’t count. Any guidance he gave was giving him Grover, his first real friend. After that Percy was pretty much left in the dark to fix everything.

Now onto Albus Dumbledore, a wizard with quite a bad reputation on Tumblr, who in reality is the best mentor of them all. Although he is significantly younger he has trained as many heroes as Chiron. He was often the enemy of the Ministry of Magic, always seeming to be just barely on the side of the law, jumping to the other side when no one was looking. I guarantee he sent Hagrid to Harry in his first year because of his caring personality, a fatherly figure who he knew Harry needed. When Harry was saving the world he was doing everything he could to make sure he succeeded, to the fullest extent of the law. It pained him to let Harry to everything, when he a grown wizard could not, especially since it put Harry in more danger than was necessary. When I said he did everything in his power to the “fullest extent of the law”, I may have stretched the truth. Dumbledore did anything and everything possible to help Harry, even if it meant bending the rules every now and then. He really didn’t care too much for the Ministry of Magic, if it helped Harry succeed he was willing to do anything for the true Greater Good (not Grindewald’s twisted version).

Now who’d win in a fight? Neither, they’d just talk. They’d recognize the others’ kindred spirit of a teacher. Kidding, Dumbledore would win, it’s a wand against melee weapons. It didn’t matter if Chiron was the best archer and sword fighter, wands are faster and easier to work with.

Not a lot for this week, but I promise there’ll be more the next. Leave a like or subscribe if you want!

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