Disney-ing the Tales of Beetle the Bard (Part 1 of 5)

This post series will be the weirdest (and most fun) that I’ve ever done, mostly because it means I get to write an adaptation of a story in a Disney (with song(s)) format. I won’t have an entire script, just a plot, a song (a parody of another Disney Song), and a sample script. If you like it remember to leave a like or comment down below!

The Fountain of Fair Fortune


A young witch is listening to her father as he tells her the story of the Fountain of Fair Fortune. The Fountain has the power to rid the woes of person every year, but so far nobody has been able to bathe in its waters. The scene fades to the title (The Fountain of Fair Fortune).

The girl is now a grown woman, with her own woes: poverty, sickness and heartache. Recalling the story her father told her she set off in search of the Fountain. Before she even makes it to the garden she meets a dirty Muggle (non-wizard) knight who has the same intentions as her. He convinces her that two heads are better than one, and they both set out to find the Fountain together (in song, lyrics below) even though only one of them will be able to bathe in the fountain.

They arrive at the garden and are met by their first challenge, a grotesque troll who demands “proof of your pain”, the witch and knight try to fight off the troll to no avail, eventually cries out of frustration. The tears that fall to the ground grow into vines which wrap around the troll pulling him from their path. They continue along the way soon met with a second challenge. They are then met with a cliff which they must climb, he demands the “fruit of their labors”.  By sunset they still have made no progress, then the knight wipes the sweat off his brow wiping it on the cliff. Stone and dirt melt away revealing a ladder to the top of the cliff. After some time they see the fountain, but to reach it they must first cross a river. The witch tries all forms of magic, but the river demands “the treasure of your past”. She then takes the precious memories of the man who broke her heart and throws it into the river, it transforms into a glass bridge for her and the knight to cross. She now sees him for the filthy cheater he really was. They are deciding who gets to bathe in the Fountain when the knight catches her illness, the effects of which are more severe for Muggles. She tries making every potion she learned to save him before making her own in vain. The potion she creates was the cure he needed, and so both the witch and knight are cured. Realising that she could make a fortune as a Potioneer, she has no reason to bathe in the Fountain. Her heartache, sickness, and very soon, her poverty will be a thing of the past. She insists the knight bathe in the Fountain. When he comes out he is filled with vigor and is revealed to be quite handsome when clean. He promptly declares his love for her and asks for her hand in marriage, to which she accepts. The Fountain is later revealed to be just a fountain.

The story is (according to J.K. Rowling herself) “about the qualities you need to achieve your heart’s desire, and the moral being that magic, ultimately, is not the best weapon“. My favorite story from the Tales of Beetle the Bard, it provides a good amount of lessons for young children. Mainly, that they don’t need magic to achieve their “heart’s desire”. I’ve seen so many people want to have magic, but they don’t realise they already have their own. The only problem is for them to realize what it is. Now onto the moment I have been dreading, the Disney Parody. Sergos Productions brings you, Everything for the Last Chance, a parody of One Last Hope sung by the witch and Go the Distance (will be italized) sung by the knight.

 We are on our way
We can go the distance
I don’t care how far
Somehow we’ll push on
I know every mile
Will be worth our while
We would face most anything to finally belong

I’ve been virtually everywhere, chased by all my woes
Content to finally give up and concede defeat
But there is a fountain, lost in a garden
Another chance and ooh, its near impossible

We will beat the odds
We can go the distance
We will face the world
Fearless, proud, and strong
We will reach the Fountain
We can go the distance
Till we wash away our pains away
Free from our despair

We’re down to one last shot
Our final chance
Before I thrown in the towel
And accept my fate
Our dreams are on this, kid
One week to decide it all
Push through every trial
Make it all worthwhile
This is our one last shot
And, kid, it’s up to us

That’s all for this week, got to admit that the parody was pretty fun though. Like, subscribe, comment, whatever you want to do, any support brings more posts!

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