Why Harry Potter is better than Percy Jackson (3/7)

We all have that friend who thinks Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter, I do too. If you don’t know, a friend of mine has a rival blog, Heroes of Olympus. She believes that Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter, here is a link to her post: 10 Reasons Why Percy Jackson is Better Than Harry Potter. To retaliate I am come up with not one, but an entire set of posts regarding this rivalry.

The previous post on this series was about the writing, today we’ll be comparing the main antagonist of each. Voldemort and Kronos. Each of who’s downfall came from the result of a prophecy. Preventing Voldemort from achieving immortality and Kronos revenge.

Kronos had a pretty rough life, cut up into a thousand pieces and overthrown by his own children and imprisoned in Tartarus along with his brothers. As any normal parent he decided he wanted to destroy their home, Olympus in retaliation. He does this with demigods he turned, his liberated brothers, and an endless supply of monsters. Voldemort had an equally rough life, concieved under the effects of a love potion he could never know love, an orphan with nothing. He created an army on his own terms, in hopes to rid the world of muggles like his ancestor Salazar Slytherin (read Common House Misconceptions).

Kronos failed because of the betrayal of Luke Castellan, his most devoted follower. When most needed his worshiper turned on him and sacrificed his life to kill Kronos.  Voldemort, however, only failed when the most powerful force in the world (one he knew nothing of) decided to step up against him.

While technically Kronos’s betrayal was because of Luke’s love for a certain someone (Annabeth, jokes on you Percabeth all the way) it was a love that was not returned the same way. Voldemort was defeated by Hogwarts’ Defenders not because they were protecting a school, but rather fighting for their home and loved ones. I do have to say though, this one was very close.

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