Top 10 Reasons Why Percy Jackson is NOT Better Than Harry Potter

I have just recently discovered a post made by Claire Violet Thorpe on her blog, The Blog That Made No Sense, called Top 10 Reasons Why Percy Jackson is Better Than Harry Potter. Intrigued I read it and posted a comment, it is currently “awaiting moderation” so I decided to make this post just in case it does not make it through. For those of you in a debate class, this may help a little bit.

Thorpe: Percy has a pen that becomes a sword (and he never loses it), but all Harry has is a wooden wand.

So whoever has the better weapon has the better book series? In that case, Harry Potter would still be the best, it can do almost anything! A pen which can turn into a sword, not quite as useful.

Thorpe: While Hogwarts may be great, who wouldn’t want to go to Camp Half-Blood?

I asked for an elaboration on why Camp Half-Blood is better than Hogwarts. I myself would prefer Hogwarts, not only is Hogwarts much safer, you get to actually use the skills you learn in the real world, not just when your life is being threatened. If you want a bit more in-depth explanation just check out Why Harry Potter is better than Percy Jackson (1/7).

Thorpe: Voldemort is just a messed-up wizard, but Kronos is a huge threat to the entire world.

It would help if she read the books, a key point in debate is gathering research from both sides. Kronos is a Titan, who with the help of his MOTHER killed his father and became King Titan until his children rose up against him, exiling him into Tartarus. Voldemort is an orphan wizard, born with nothing besides his powers. He quickly rose to power, gaining followers along the way, with plans to exterminate an entire race, Muggles (non-wizards), who are the reason the entire Magical Community is in hiding. Their estimated population at the height of his power (1980s) was 4,453,831,714 people, to most people that would qualify as a threat to the entire world.

Thorpe: Percy Jackson & the Olympians was hugely inspired by Greek mythology. Not so much with Harry Potter.

The fact that Harry Potter is not solely based on one thing, makes it far more creative than Percy Jackson. J.K. Rowling had a constant creative outlet, while Rick Riordan was limited to the Greek Mythology. If you want a bit more information concerning the literature. Check out Why Harry Potter is Better than Percy Jackson (2/7).

Thorpe: If there was an underwater fight, Percy would win for sure.

If there was a desert fight, Harry would win for sure. This is like saying a doctor is not as smart as a rocket scientist because he/she doesn’t understand how rockets work. There are areas in which a person excels in, and others where they are weak.

Thorpe: In fact, Percy can pretty much hold his own during a fight. I mean, he’s beaten Medusa, a Hydra, and he even squeezed past Luke and retrieved the lightning bolt. What did Harry do, besides maybe yelling “Expeliarmus” a whole bunch of times?

Here I started to get confused, I know she didn’t read the Harry Potter series, but did she at least read Percy Jackson? Percy Jackson had the help of his friends while battling the Medusa, Clarisse (Daughter of Ares) killed the Hydra with a cannon from her ship, and “squeezed past Luke to retrieve the lightning bolt”? The lightning bolt appeared in his backpack (given to him by Ares as a trick to start a war) once he reached the Underworld (with help from his friends). Not to mention he was subdued by Luke with a scorpion, only staying alive because of a dryad who called for help. Harry Potter has dealt with problems the same way, those who care about him. Neither of them would have made it as far as they did without help, Percy Jackson wasn’t even the hero from the prophecy!

Thorpe: You seriously thought that Percy Jackson ripped off Harry Potter?

No, I do not believe that Percy Jackson ripped off Harry Potter. Even if I did that wouldn’t make Percy Jackson a better series.

Thorpe: Grover and Annabeth are more loyal to Percy than Ron and Hermione are to Harry.

This stumped me for a bit until I got a decent rebuttal. Grover and Annabeth’s loyalty has never been tested or pushed, compared to the Ron and Hermione whose loyalty was always put to the test. This is ignoring the fact that only Ron’s loyalty ever wavered, but he always came back and more than made up for it.

Thorpe: Percy’s story is a bit more exciting than Harry’s boring story.

Harry Potter has such a large fanbase that I can guarantee that the Harry Potter series is just, if not more, exciting as Percy Jackson.

Thorpe: At the end of the day, demigods rule and wizards drool.

I do recall the first thing Annabeth said to Percy being “You drool in your sleep” (not saying that drooling is a bad thing). I was just stunned at this last one, so I decided to put an equally mature response. Wizards rule and demigods drool!

That’s it for today, hope you guys had an amazing Valentine’s Day! If you enjoyed this leave a like and if you really enjoyed it subscribe! If you disagree with what I put please tell me why down below (with evidence!). Otherwise, thank you for reading!

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