Top 3 Things You Wouldn’t Want to See at the end of a Dark Alley

In real life there are somethings we don’t want to see at the end of a dark alleyway. Somethings we can barely deal with in the broad daylight. Fear not, wizards and witches feel the same way, here are the top three things that strike fear into their hearts.

3. Dementors


These creatures used to guard the Wizarding Prison known as Azkaban, but have now been replaced by Aurors. Loyal to Voldemort until his downfall, they are described to be the most foul creature of all. Dementors feed on human happiness, leaving their victims depressed and extremely cold. On top of that they have the power to extract the victim’s soul with something called a Dementor’s kiss. The Kiss will leave the victim alive but souless, with no means to reverse it. The only known defense against a Dementor is a Patronus.

2. Boggart

These creatures will frighten event the toughest of them all. The boggart is a shape-shifter with a nasty little twist. The Boggart will change into whatever frightens you the most, this guarantees a little jump of fright when you encounter it. It is best to confront a boggart with at least one other person, this will confuse the boggart as it doesn’t know what to turn into. The best defense against a boggart is Riddiculus, a spell when done correctly will force the boggart into a less scary, preferably funny. The only way to properly get rid of it is with laughter, which can be induced when the Riddiculus spell is done correctly.

1. Dolores Umbridge


This creature is by far the worst of them all, this wicked witch is far worse than Voldemort. Would be your typical girly-girl with her obsession with the color pink and cats, except she’s an absolute toad. Temporary Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts she had little to no regard for most of the students, she took pride in her Medieval forms of punishment, most of which caused excruciating pain. She absolutely detests what she calls “half-breeds”, anything only half-human. She was extremely detested at Hogwarts and is now locked up in Azkaban for her crimes against Muggle-Borns.

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