Why Harry Potter is Better than Percy Jackson (2/7)

We all have that friend who thinks Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter, I do too. If you don’t know, a friend of mine has a rival blog, Heroes of Olympus. She believes that Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter, here is a link to her post:  10 Reasons Why Percy Jackson is Better Than Harry Potter. To retaliate I am come up with not one, but an entire set of posts regarding this rivalry.

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are both literary works, so it seems fitting to do a post comparing the writings themselves. I considered doing a post concerning the movies but felt it would be unfair. This post was my hardest so far (not that there are very many yet), because it’s like comparing tomatoes and potatoes, they have the “atoes” part the same put they are otherwise very different.

Percy Jackson is entirety based upon Greek Mythology (a bit lacking in the tragedy department however), with a rich culture to draw from. The story mostly revolves around the children of Greek gods/goddesses and a mortal mate. Harry Potter, has no one thing that it is based upon, gathering ideas from almost anything you can think of. Nearly every name in the Harry Potter series has a story behind it, a hidden meaning or connection. It would be impossible to state where J.K. Rowling got most of her ideas from besides her own head. 

Rick Riordan writes books that are made to appeal to a younger audience, he did this wonderfully with the use of humor throughout the book. Due to this there was no deeper meaning in the books then what you saw. As the books became more mature, this still does not change.

The Harry Potter series, while directed at younger audiences, appeals to people of all ages. Humor is used more sparingly, but the book has other elements to keep the reader entertained, the thrill of the story itself. Not to mention the hidden meanings (usually disguised as metaphors) and thought put into it, surrounding the story with an aura of mystery (I will be doing a post on some examples of these later).

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