Why Harry Potter is better than Percy Jackson (1/7)

We all have that friend who thinks Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter, I do too. If you don’t know, a friend of mine has a rival blog, Heroes of Olympus. She believes that Percy Jackson is better than Harry Potter, here is a link to her post: 10 Reasons Why Percy Jackson is Better Than Harry Potter. To retaliate I am come up with not one, but an entire set of posts regarding this rivalry.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Camp Half-Blood are very important places to our heroes, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson respectively. Therefore making it a crucial point in the debate; Hogwarts being the first place that Harry could call home, and Camp Half-Blood, a safe haven for Percy.

In terms of safety, both establishments are a bit lacking. While Camp Half-Blood  is protected by a magic barrier provided by Thalia’s Tree, the barrier is the easiest to break, requiring you to only poison Thalia’s Tree. Hogwarts, on the other hand, is protected by many layers of ancient magic (which is constantly added upon).

Concerning the actual education, Hogwarts once again triumphs. Camp Half-Blood is a typical summer camp who drank way too much coffee, focusing more on how to survive. While this is all good and well, once the campers become adults they either became counselors or tried to live in the mortal world. Hogwarts, however, provides a bit more traditional education system in which the students can actually learn skills which may be applied to in jobs in the future.

However, my rival blog does bring up a good point about the Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers. 2 of which made an attempt at Harry’s life, 1 who was exceptionally cruel, and one who was a dunce. And the two good ones; a werewolf and a triple-agent (who later died). The two attempts on Harry’s life happened at the end of the year, in no way disrupting the education of the students. The cruel teacher, was appointed by the Ministey of Magic and therefore Hogwarts was not at fault. This leaves the dunce in who my response is:

And this is not mentioning that the post was cursed (and was lifted upon Voldemort’s downfall).

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