Santa Claus: Muggle Saint or Warm-Hearted Wizard?

Christmas time is quickly approaching, and along with it, I decided to make this Holiday-Themed post.

This jolly man being able to deliver presents to every good little boy and girl all in one night every year seems impossible. Some people believe it to be Christmas magic, others believe him to be a hoax, however one Potterhead came up with her own theory.

Santa Clause is a wizard.

Santa’s Little Helpers

Untitled drawing-3.png

Santa’s little helpers are believed to be house elves! These creatures are bound to their owner as servants unless presented with clothes. Although Hermione Granger may not approve of his use of house elves, he most definitely treats them with kindness (a trait which the Malfoys lacked). The use of these magical creatures certainly helps when the orders flood in from around the world during Christmas.

Bag filled with Toys


Santa Claus just wouldn’t be Santa Claus without his bag filled with toys! The problem is how do you fit a toy for every child, in a red bag? An Undetectable-Extension Charm. An example of this is Scamander’s Suitcase. It is filled with various enclosures for a wide variety of different beasts, this would’ve been impossible had it not been for this quite tricky charm.



The entire world in one night, how does he do it? With a Time-Turner. These magical devices would allow the wearer to go back in time. Once again, Hermione Granger has some experience with one of Santa’s toys. Turning back time by a maximum of 5 hours, doing it repeatedly gave Santa an almost unlimited amount if time to deliver presents.


Untitled drawing-4.png

Santa has to go across the globe, but what form of Transportation could he use? It is believed that he uses Floo Powder (a substance will when thrown into a chimney fire will turn it emerald green and allow the immediate transportation to another chimney). This gives the appearance to Muggle children that he was coming down the chimney. His reindeer and sled were either a result of a Patronus he cast when he was delivering presents or a Muggle hoax.

This is my first fan-theory post, if you guys like it subscribe and like the post! If you want to read more of the origin of dear, old Saint Nick just keep reading!

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